Wednesday, August 27, 2008


A couple of weeks ago my friend Pam asked me to house sit for her while she was out of town. She was going on a business trip with her husband and needed someone to watch her 3 dogs. I wasn't really comfortable with the idea of staying someplace new all by myself, so in the end we decided that the 3 pooches would come stay with us. I mean after all, we are used to having lots of dogs around. I think that before Christmas last winter we had our 6 dogs, Django, and we watched Andy and Becky's 2 dogs, horse, goat, chickens, and rabbits and maybe Tasha...but I can't remember if we had Tasha or not...anyway, we cared for them while their owners were out of town and we got along fine. It seems like we are always watching someone's pet every so often and it is fun to spend time with the dogs that come to visit. So having Pam's 3 dogs is rather fun. :) Here is a picture of the 2 Boston terriers. There is also a Beagle mix, but I haven't gotten a picture of her yet.Their names are Maggie, Lizzie and Hoover. The Boston terriers have kind of smooshed faces so when they smile their grins are almost literally stretching from ear to ear. I am hoping to get a picture of at least Maggie while she is smiling because it is too cute! They are very sweet dogs and love to give kisses and be petted. And Lizzie (the Beagle mix) reminds me so much of Dancer and it makes me miss her a lot! She has a very similar personality to Dancer's.
I miss our weimaraners. I was at Petco last weekend and just looking at their merchandise made me miss Hank. I was thinking, oh, that collar would look so nice against the weimaraners coats, but we don't have weimaraners anymore. Just big old drooling machines named Solomon, Jazz and Brandi. Don't get me wrong, the newfoundlands are nice, but I still like weimaraners better.
I hope to have more pictures of these little goofballs to post before the weekend is out and they go back home.

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Jacqueline said...

i used to think boston terriers were ugly, but maggie and hoover have changed my minds. they're very, very cute...