Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watching Bostons...

We have been watching Pam and Michael's dogs for a few days now. Lizzie (the beagle mix) is just too sweet. All she really wants is for you to sit with her and rub her belly. And she really would love to get on the couch if we would let her. She likes playing with toys too.

Maggie and Hoover are a little more highstrung. They are the Boston terriers and they are so funny. This really cracks me up.They go into their crates at night and curl up under their blankets and go to sleep. It is so cute!
All three of them like looking out the windows to see what is going on outside. Our windows are low to the ground so they don't have to jump very high to see what's going on outside.
I think they are all really cute. But this is the face that won me over.
Aww, look at that HUGE smile! This is Maggie and she has the biggest smile. It's too adorable.

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Jacqueline said...

Oh my, they were somewhat cute, weren't they? :) Especially when they wrapped themselves up in their blankets. I'd love to teach Django and Moby how to do that!