Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Wonderful Properties of Tea Tree Oil!

I don't know about you guys, but when I get stressed my skin shows it. When I was 15 I had my wisdom teeth removed and I was so nervous and stressed about it that I broke out horribly before and after the procedure. Since then my skin has gone back and forth between being very broken out and not so broken out. Maybe I am always under a certain amount of stress or something because I continue to have problems with my skin. This past month my skin went bananas on me because I started a new job, decided I wasn't happy there, and was preparing to start school again after being out for a year. I was rather anxious about the upcoming semester and how my work and school schedules would turn out.
I was at Martins grocery store and I found a natural health magazine that said that tea tree oil is good for you skin. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties and they recommend using it on your skin to help clear up acne. It just so happens that Martins also carries essential oils in the organic aisles (I love those aisles!) so I stopped by there and picked up some essential tea tree oil. Maybe it is a combination of things, but since I started using it along with my daily skin care regimen, I have noticed significant improvements in my skin! So if any of you ever gets really stressed out and needs to treat their skin to a little extra TLC, you may want to check it out. It said on the bottle not to use it at full strength on skin, but to put it on a moist cotton pad and apply it that way. I ignored them and have been using it at full strength and my skin hasn't felt dry, burnt, or irritated in any way. I just dab it onto my finger and rub it onto certain inflamed areas on my face. The only complaint I have is that it smells very strongly and it isn't exactly my favorite scent. So I mostly just use it at night.
I just thought I would pass the information along. :)

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Bunker Hill, WV said...

... and oxygen therapy ... it may also be helpful. (or maybe not)