Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

I usually don't pay much attention to Valentines day because it's a hallmark holiday and it's hard on folks like me who are trying to avoid sugar and I'm single. But I decided to write a post for the occasion anyway. This is what's been going on during my Valentines day.

My dear friend Janice wrote a message to everyone today. It was a valentines message and she addressed pretty much everyone in it; singles, dating couples, engaged couples, married couples, etc and gave a greeting and advice to all the people in those different groups. Some of the ideas for singles were to spend time with your siblings or take your parents on a date or get together with friends, that kinda thing. It was very sweet and I enjoyed reading it. I also read an interesting valentines post here at My Messy, Thrilling Life's blog. I enjoyed it also and maybe you will too.

I went to a Bible study tonight. It was the first time I went to this particular study and I'm very happy I went. We didn't really talk about Valentines day or tie the study to it, but it was nice to spend Valentines evening talking about the greatest love of all. The love of a God who sent his only begotten Son to die for the sins of a world who reject(ed) Him. The love of Jesus who died and rose again and bought our souls with His death. What kind of person does that even for their nearest and dearest much less those who hate them?

I want to be someone who shows Jesus' love to all the people He places in my life. A big step in accomplishing that goal is to stop focusing so much on myself and to start focusing more on others. If I would stop focusing on my own needs and hurts and dreams and focused on the needs and hurts and dreams of the people around me, how many opportunities would present themselves to share the love of Christ with others? The truth is that I can be very self-absorbed. My life is mostly about me and not about others. The Bible says "In as much as you have done to the least of my brothers, you have done it unto me. (Matthew 25:40)" I don't want to reach the end of my life and look back and think about how I cared more about myself than others (which according to this verse means your love yourself more than you love God).

So that is what I have been thinking about this Valentines evening. I am grateful for the love and friendship I have been blessed with by family and friends. I am especially grateful for the love I have received from my creator and saviour, Jesus Christ. And someday I hope to be grateful for the love and companionship of my own husband and family, but until then I am content to be in the position I am in.

Happy Valentines Day all!

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