Saturday, February 9, 2008

Weekends go by so fast...

Hi again~

It's Saturday! And it is sunny outside. :) Thank you Lord for a beautiful day today!

It is 1 pm and in about an hour someone is supposed to come visit our house. I do hope this is "the one." It is the second time someone has called to come see our place and for my parent's sake, as well as my own, I hope they buy the house. This is probably a little bit too hopeful since it usually takes more than 2 people coming to see your house before it sells, but I'm still

My brother-in-law built our house for us. Talk about amazing talent! Matt does incredible work. I should take some pics of the beautiful house he has built for us and post them here. I shall put it on my to-do list. Speaking of places that he has built, he built an addition on his sister's house (which is right next door) and built a barn with a full apartment above it too. Both of these came out GORGEOUS! My sister and her husband just moved into the apartment above the barn this week because their lease on their apartment is up and they are in between moves too so they are staying there temporarily until they get their own place. I am very jealous of them. I want to live up there too. I guess I will just have to take some pictures of this place. It's very cool!

I made another skirt this weekend. It went very quickly and was a lot of fun. It had an already finished hem so I just sewed the sides and hemmed the waist and put in the zipper. I think I'm going to take the zipper out though and do it again because it is puckering and it annoys me. I really enjoyed doing it though and it shouldn't take too long to pull out the seam and zipper and redo it. Once the people who are looking at the house leave I will take some pictures of everything and post them here.

And here is a list of things I am happy about today!

  1. Well, it's pretty outside today and someone is coming to visit the house and I made a skirt and my sister moved next door. I know I already covered that stuff in greater detail but it goes on the list too.
  2. It's almost the middle of February! Winter is that much closer to being over!
  3. I think I'm starting to figure this blogger thing out, but I still don't know how to categorize my posts. Hopefully I will figure this out soon.
  4. I got my room clean. I used to always have a very clean room. However, since starting school full-time and after moving during a semester and now working full-time my room has never really gotten organized and stayed that way. I think it looks pretty good now though. :)
  5. I am glad my sisters both have started blogs! I think it's cool that they are doing this too. I think my brother has even started one, but he hasn't let me know about it yet...
So that's what I'm happy about. :)

Here is what I am coveting:
I want this book! Look at all the beautiful projects in this book! I am sure this is in almost everyone's crafting library, but I haven't seen it before. One of the things I love about the blogs is how much inspiration you can find. People are so talented and I love looking at the ideas they have and the projects they make and I've seen this book on a lot of the blogs I read and looked it up and now I want it too. I've been trying to be more conscious of how I spend my money and not spend it all on fabric (my parent's refuse to take me to Jo Ann's anymore and I won't drive there myself cause traffic is so busy through there.) and books, but I think I'm going to get this one.

Okay, I have to go now before the people get here and find me typing away...

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