Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Oh the Super Bowl...

So, I know it's Wednesday...and the Super Bowl was Sunday...but I'm only getting around to blogging right now. So I was sad that the Pats lost, but I guess the Giants deserved to win so kudos to them! I didn't watch the game but we kept up with it online.

I went to the doctors for my 3 hour test and the results came back negative. So I guess that's good. Since taking my vitamins (especially zinc and selenium) my energy has really increased! Yay! And my skin has cleared up a lot too which was an unexpected plus. Sweetness. :)

It's Wednesday! One more day and I'm off for the weekend. I have to run up to the community college and make sure my classes are dropped and hit the bank and WalMart. And my sister and her husband are moving on Friday so I'll probably try to help them move a little bit. And I'm trying to get a girls night out together for those of us still in town. I really want to spend some time with friends down here and get pics of everyone before I move. Whenever that is. I'm getting impatient! One of the girls at work just announced that she and her husband are moving to Germany for 3 years. I can't imagine what that must be like! I feel like moving to Ohio is a big step (and I guess it is) and I'm moving with my whole family and some of my dad's co-workers who are being moved out there with us too and are really close friends of ours. I'm excited; I mostly just want to be there...NOW! lol~

In a lot of ways I feel like God has been preparing me for this move for almost a year now. This past spring (2007) I almost moved to Texas (which would have thrilled me since I LOVE Texas!) but didn't at the last minute because my dad got a new job. Now this job is transferring him to Ohio. My only reservations with the last move were that I would miss my family and friends and would have to get certified to work as a dental assistant in another state. But now my whole family (including my sister and her husband) is moving and most of my friends have moved away to school or just to other places. And as far as my job goes, I'm just hoping to get a part-time job doing anything and find a way to get plugged into the community and start meeting people and getting involved in activities and a church or Bible study, etc. So I feel like God has really loosened (not cut) my ties here and has blessed me so I will still be near family and friends who are like family. I feel very peaceful about going, although I am a little nervous about meeting people because I am a little shy. I'll talk to anyone but I have a hard time really opening up.

Okay, enough rambling about myself...until later! I have some ideas for some projects that will hopefully actually become something more than just an idea. Hasta Manana! Or later than that. :)

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