Sunday, February 10, 2008

A Man's Best Friend

I found a few pictures of our dogs that I took last year and wanted to post. I took a few of these when I got snowed in from school. Others were taken at random times after we had our last litter of puppies.

Meet the Weimaraners!

Jumper. He thinks he is hot stuff!

Dancer. She is such a character.This picture was sooo hard to take. It was so hard to get them all in one spot and facing the same direction. This was the best I got.

Puppy Pile: the whole crew again.

And just because this picture always makes me laugh. :)

So these are the weimaraners. I already posted a picture of Hank. He is Jumper and Dancer's son from their last litter. I also have a picture of Solomon on here too. I need to get new pictures of Jazz and Brandy and post them too.


Life According to Me! said...
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holly said...

didn't i take some of those pictures???

Life According to Me! said...

no, I took these. I'm not sure what happened to the ones you took. You got some good ones that day.