Friday, February 29, 2008

my week...

this week...
was good! I had a good week at work! I had energy (for a change), I was so on top of was good. And on Tuesday I went to a Bible study (which is partly why I think the week went so well) at my sister's house. I so enjoyed it. Just being around other Christians is so encourgaging and uplifting. I can't wait for next week's study.

Today was a good day! I went grocery shopping with my sister and we stopped for coffee while out, and I got lunch with a friend this afternoon at a chinese buffet. The food was good, but the MSG or something made my tummy hurt. :( So sad being me, lol. I'm looking forward to tomorrow because a friend of mine is getting together with my sister and me to work on a skirt. At least, that's what she's working on. I don't know what I'm working on. :) I'll have to bring my camera since I've had a great lack of photos on here lately.

Movie of the week: we're into Poirot here. My neighbors lent us 3 Poirot dvds and while they were a leetle bit scary to watch right before bed (which is of course when I watched them), they were really interesting. If you're wondering, Poirot is a detective from Belgium (?) and is a character made up by Agatha Christie. I never read anything by her and didn't know she created the Poirot character, but they're really interesting "whodunnits's" and are fun to watch. So since we had to give the dvds back to our neighbors I went ahead and ordered 2 sets off Amazon (2 sets off Amazon cost me less than one new set would at Borders)! They will hopefully be in next week.

Amazon: is sort of dangerous. If you know me, you might know that I claim to be a good bargain shopper. I hardly ever buy anything at full price. Well, Amazon sells all kinds of things used and new, and even some of the new stuff is more than half off the original price. I got 2 sewing books for the price of one off Amazon a week ago and they were both new. Someone was clearing out their stock and was selling them for really cheap! And with gas at $3+ a gallon you're basically coming in even with shipping and handling. I need to stop looking on Amazon I think.

Last, but not least, I am so thankful that the weather was so nice this week! It is so nice to not worry about getting stuck in the snow or ice, worrying about family members and friends getting into accidents, etc. So much less stress! It's wonderful!

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Chara Michele said...

Oh you should read the books by Agatha Christie! I have actually read every single one of her books (I love that sort of genre... British mysteries). I would read the Hercule Poirot ones first though, since he is definitely her best character. :) Now I need to check about the dvds... I had no idea that they had made dvds out of the books. (Do you have more info on them by any chance that you would care to share with me? :)