Sunday, February 17, 2008

Sewing/Baking...Sewing for Baking!

I found the macro setting on my camera! So I took a picture of the flowers I grabbed out of the vase at work when I was leaving to go home this Valentine's day. I looked at my boss as I was "stealing" them and said, "Thank you for the beautiful flowers, Dr. B.!" He just rolled his eyes and said, "well someone should enjoy them, they'll just get thrown out this weekend." He really has a funny, dry sense of humor. I know that that quote wasn't very funny, but he's always cracking a joke and I think they're usually funny. Usually. :)

I realize these aren't the best, but I was so excited to find that macro setting!

I blogged about a skirt I was making which I was unhappy with because the zipper kept puckering and I said I was going to take the zipper out and try it again. Well I did and it came out even worse than before. So I am putting it aside for now (maybe forever, lol) and I decided to work on something else. Awhile back, my friend Christina gave us a bag of fabric that she didn't want and I grabbed some stuff out of it before passing it on again. I used some of it for picture backdrops for my puppy pictures and I also found this fabric with coffee cups and coffee pots and croissants on it and I thought the color was...well kinda ugly. It's not my favorite shade of Anyway, I did think that it was "kitchen appropriate" so I saved it and thought I'd make an apron out of it. So instead of doing the skirt again I went ahead and made this little half apron.
Modeled by my mom. :)
It was really easy and only took maybe an hour to an hour and a half to make.

This is how I spent the rest of my evening. On Friday I made a trip to Walmart and stopped at the mall to see my friend, Becca. It was great to see her and visit for a bit. I'd had a kinda rough week and seeing her and chatting was just the thing to perk me up. :) Thank God for friends. :) We talked a little bit about natural ways to boost your immune system (there is a nasty cold/flu thing that's going around town) and other health related topics which was fun. We are both interested in naturopathy and homeopathy, alternative medicines etc. We went over to Sears where she found a coat she liked, (on sale no less!) and I stopped at Waldenbooks to look for a new magazine and I came out with it and a cookbook. Only it wasn't a healthy cookbook, it was the 'Chocolate and Coffee Bible' book. I found this recipe for chocolate puffs in it. I kinda tweaked the recipe and made it a little different. It came out okay. It was fun to make anyway. :)

My family seemed to approve of them.

So that was my "crafty" weekend. It was actually more crafting than I'd done in awhile. I think baking/cooking is a type of craft so I'm counting that and the skirt that went wrong as part of my crafting endeavors. Maybe someday I will fix that skirt and put a picture of it up here.

Oh, and here is the magazine that I got. It had some interesting ideas in it, but I think I like Sew Simple better. I would give it 2 of 5 stars. If I was a critic. :)

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srry i like ate all those lil chocolate things up on u lol