Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bye bye Texas! (Alternate title would just be "Cloud Post")

I didn't take any pictures of the airport. And I didn't take any pictures of the ride to or from the airports. Just of clouds...
And with just a little changing of the light I think this same picture goes from looking a little like snow to looking a little like a desert. Or just a cloud. I don't know. What do you think?

When we first took off, the light was just beautiful. Everything was misty and golden. Unfortunately, I wasn't allowed to turn my camera on just then. But even if I had taken a picture of what I saw, I'm sure it wouldn't do the scene justice. You would have had to be there.

You get a totally different view of clouds when you are looking down on them instead of up at them. I think I kind of prefer looking down on them, but at the same time, I prefer being on the ground too. So I guess if I take pictures then I can enjoy the view from down here. :)

God's creation is just amazing. Even something as simple as water up in the sky just makes me appreciate the artistry of our Creator. And it's an ever changing work of art.
So I'm sorry that this post is just a bunch of pictures of clouds, but somehow when I see things like this or the ocean or the mountains or just some beautiful landscape I am reminded that God created all of this and turned it over to us to subdue and explore and it is just amazing to me.
It's not a view I get to see every day. Not at this angle anyway. :)