Saturday, July 12, 2008

Day 5~ Sunday

Bannockburn Baptist Church. We went there for church that morning. They have a pretty campus there. The pastor taught out of Philippians chapter 4:6-14 (I am pretty sure on that). It was about how God commands us not to be anxious and to cast our cares upon him. Also to be careful about what we put into our minds. A good message for 2 people who hate flying! It was a good message for people who actually like flying too. :)And we stopped by the Capitol. I got a few shots that I liked.

If you stand inside in the center of the room and look up, this is what you see. The domed ceiling.
Apparently they ran out of space upstairs in the capitol so they built underneath it. There are a couple of levels underneath the building that are fairly new. It's nice down there. This is the courtyard that sits below ground level and opens up to the grounds above.
There is a gift shop underground there too where you could find stuff like this:
You sure don't see stuff like this in West Virginia.

I told Cheryl this magnetic sticker was for her. She told me she was not hardcore Texan. Uh huh...okay...sure. :)
Here's something else you don't see in WV. Like I said, there are lonestars and texas shapes everywhere. May sound totally unpatriotic of me, but I don't even know what the WV symbols look like. Do we have any? I'm not native to WV anyway, so hopefully it doesn't really make a difference that I don't know what they are. :) I've been to Charleston, but never up to the capitol building so I don't know how well they have it decorated, but I still bet it isn't quite like what you see in Austin.
So after we left the capitol we got lunch and then we went bowling. I haven't (or hadn't) bowled since I was what? 8? It's been a long time.
Adam won the first 2 games. I forgot to mention that the last time I played (11 or 12 years ago?) we had the ramps out on the sides of the bowling lane so you couldn't actually get a gutter ball. We didn't use that this time. And there was this ramp thing you could just put the bowling ball on and push it and if you position it right, you could get a strike. I'm pretty sure it was only meant for little kids so we didn't use it this time either. It was hard. I dropped the bowling ball behind me one time when I tried to roll it. That was kinda embarrassing. And funny. We all got a laugh out of it.
Cheryl did very well and came in 2nd all three times. She gave me some pointers on how not to roll the ball. I kept rolling it sideways and getting gutter balls.
Then a miraculous thing happened and I got a strike. It took 3 games but it finally happened. I somehow won that game. My first scores were really low so it came as a surprise that I eventually started hitting more pins.
We have plans for another game next time we all see each other again. If anyone wants to get in on the fun, let us know! The more the merrier!
And I couldn't stop without saying a word about this place. It's the best grocery store ever. I guess it's kind of like a giant health food store that isn't super expensive. You can find a lot of healthier foods here. I love this place. I don't know if other people get excited about grocery stores, but this one is definitely worth paying a visit. It makes me happy. :) We stopped and rented some TV shows and ate our Delta Blues ice cream that night. Delta Blues is a blueberry pie ice cream. It was really good. I wish I took a picture of it. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to go back next year and get a picture of it. That sounds like a good plan to me.

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