Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So this is day something...3 maybe... of 'eating healthy(er)' (ignore my misspelling there. :P). Do I feel better? Not noticeably. Do I look thinner. Not noticeably. Do I weigh less? No idea. I won't use the scale unless I can tell I've really lost weight. If not, I generally get very depressed and have to go take a nap or eat chocolate (which really helps when you have gained weight, right? wrong?) or something. I'm not off sugar completely. I'm trying to be very careful about measuring portions and counting carbs and adding veggies and fruit into my diet. I have cut most wheat products out of my diet. Even my cheerios have been replaced with gluten-free cereal which is very $$$. Well, not super expensive, but more expensive than regular cereals.
Even though I haven't noticed a big difference, I am still hoping to continue eating healthier by eating fresh fruits and vegetables, less sugar, and as little gluten as I can possibly manage. After all, it's only been about 3 days.

Work is...stressing me out. I haven't really been trained on where things are and the materials used at this office and on the procedures we do, so if I can't find something I have to go bother our office manager. She can work the front and back and seems to know pretty much everything about the office. The only problem is, I'm a tad worried that I'm annoying her. I know that she is doing a lot of work and that it's easy to lose your place if you are interrupted, so I try not to bother her if at all possible, but sometimes I just have to ask her a question and then I feel like I'm really interrupting her from something important. It's frustrating. And there is still so much about the place I need to know. Grrr....I hate these transition periods! I'm sorry, I mean I strongly dislike these transition periods!

I have a bunch of ideas for projects I'd like to work on. Maybe this weekend I'll make a dent in some of them. Hopefully! But for now, I should probably go take a walk on the treadmill. Until later then. :)

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Mommy to Cheyenne said...

Good luck with eating healthy(er). I have tried to do so for years. I have only recently managed to even be somewhat good and that was because I was pregnant and now nursing. I also had a question for you. Where did you learn to knit? Is it easy to learn? I so wish I could make Cheyenne a cute little sweater for the fall.