Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Day 1 of our trip~Wednesday

Our flight left at 9:40 am. Our flight attendants were really funny. They started off cracking jokes and saying stuff like, "let me introduce you to the captain's ex-wives," and then proceeded to introduce the rest of the flight attendants. After we took off one got on the loudspeaker and said, "to enhance the beauty of the flight attendants we are now going to dim the lights," and just made the mood kinda light. It was nice if you are a nervous flyer and while I wasn't really too nervous, several thousand feet in the air is not my favorite place to be. And to make the flight less pleasant, we had this kid (he couldn't have been much younger or older than Adam and me) who sat between us and started chewing tobacco and spitting into the water cup he had gotten from the flight attendants. It was gross. How do you spell disgusting? One of the ways I spell it is C-H-E-W-I-N-G T-O-B-A-C-C-O. His cup was about half full (or half empty depending on your mood today, ha ha) by the time we landed. I was so grossed out.You may not be able to see it, but that clump of buildings is the capital of Texas. Most houses out there are 1 story because it apparently helps with the heat, but there is a little clump of skyscrapers that makes up North Austin. It's a really fun city. We landed just before noon, Texas time, about 20 minutes ahead of schedule.  The flight attendant said, "Fred and Barney must have been peddling real hard in the cockpit today because they got you here 20 minutes early!"  I never made the connection between "Fred and Barney" and the Flintstones.  Jacqueline told me when I got home that was what they meant.  I thought their names were really Fred and Barney and I thought it was funny.  I do stuff like that all the time, unfortunately. :P

We went to the Alamo Drafthouse for dinner and a movie our first night. It's a cool movie theater where you can order dinner while you watch your movie. We watched the newest Indiana Jones movie. In Cheryl's words, it was pretty fantastical. Russian spies (the female Russian spy had the stereotypical female Russian spy haircut which I thought was funny), nuclear bombs, killer ants, surprise children, aliens, a wedding...yes this was one packed movie. I hope that hasn't ruined it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet and wants to see it. I enjoyed it pretty well. Adam really liked it. I think it was more his genre than mine. But it was a fun place. They were advertising events like an Abba singalong, a Princess Bride quote-along, and some movie where everyone can all dress up like the characters and come watch. I haven't heard of anything like that here. This kitty was very mischevious! He hid from us for several hours and made Cheryl think he had run away! We spent an hour outside looking for him in Cheryl's neighborhood. In the end, he had been hiding inside the whole time! He finally came out of hiding and was a little bit social. He mostly stayed under Cheryl's bed though. Mesa was much more outgoing, but I didn't get any good pictures of her.

We all slept well that night knowing everyone was safe inside the house. That was day 1. The beginning of our Texas adventure. :)


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Makes me wish I were there. :) Your pictures came out nice.

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