Friday, July 11, 2008

Day 4 of Texas~ Saturday

We stopped at the University of Texas (Austin campus) coop to pick up some burnt orange souveniers! And there were a lot to choose from too. Take a look...

There were longhorn scrubs...
Longhorn sneakers...
And even a ballgown. Yes, the antlers just stick off the side. Or are they just called horns? I am very curious as to how many of those sell. :)
No, I didn't buy the cowboy hat. It was just for the picture. There was a lot of really nice stuff in there. I have never been a huge orange fan, but there were a few things that I really liked.
I wrote a post about the movie we saw here at the Texas History Museum.

They had a cool floor.
Sweet nothings said to Texas by Texans.
Look at this carpet...have you ever seen a carpet like this? This was the carpet in the museum. I'm telling you, Texans love to see Texas stuff!
We got our picture taken under the Lonestar statue.

We got there really early to get a good spot. We had a great view of the stage. You can bring a picnic lunch and your blankets or chairs and spend the afternoon waiting for the show to start. There is a natural spring there and there are botanical gardens across the street. And playgrounds too if you have small kids. You pay $2 or $3 dollars to park, but the play itself is free, which is really nice if you have a larger family and want to do something fun together.
This guy in the chair played Gaston. He did a really good job of being an arrogant brute. No, really though, he was funny. After all, "no one shoots like Gaston, wears big boots like Gaston...da da da da da da da da da like Gaston..." (I forgot the words. :P)
I got a really short video too of the very end when they were dancing. I haven't figured out how to load it on here, so here is a picture of it.
I saw 7 Brides for 7 Brothers 2 years ago at Zilker Hillside Theater when I came with Jacqueline. That one was probably a little bit smoother, but both of the plays were great. I loved both of the performances I got to see there.


frozbertis said...

i dont think bulls have antlers... lol

Grace =) said...

yeah, maybe they're tusks or something.

frozbertis said...

yeah, something like that

Jacqueline said...

you look good in orange :)

Grace =) said...

thanks :)