Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day 6 in Texas~ Monday

Monday...our last full day in Texas. I wasn't feeling so well so I didn't take as many pictures and I wish I had. This was a photo taken at yet another Texas shop in the Barton Springs mall. We had already been there once before to watch fireworks, but we hadn't gone inside it. We saw a tee shirt that was really funny and I wish I had taken a picture of it. It was a shirt with how to talk in Texas. There were all sorts of symbols on the shirt and under each symbol was it's translation. One symbol was of Texas and underneath it said 'Heaven.' One was of California and it said 'Hell'. One was of a cowboy hat and it said 'Toupe.' One was a rattlesnake and it said 'stew' or 'dinner' or something. There were cowboy boots and it said 'formal wear.' But the one I thought was the funniest was the one of a neck tie and it said '???' under it. It was cute. You'd probably have to see it to know what I'm talking about. For some reason I'm a little bit foggy as to what we did the rest of the afternoon. We got a late start that morning and didn't end up leaving the mall until around 2 pm. We went to some guitar shops so Adam could look around and Cheryl and I looked at some thrift shops and ended up in a new age bookstore. We didn't know it was one at first but all that was in there pretty much were books on zen and taoism and yoga stuff (I really enjoy yoga, but I don't get into all the fluffy stuff). And it smelled so strongly of incense that Cheryl claimed she could still smell it on her clothes later that day. It was kinda funny. After we figured it out we decided there wasn't anything very interesting in there and left. We got home and had lunch and chilled for a bit and then we packed up to head for the Radisson hotel. Cheryl was teaching a class there and we were going to hang out at the Highland mall for awhile while she was teaching and then maybe listen to some of her class. Before we got there though we stopped at the office Cheryl works at so she could print some papers off before class. She has a very nice office.
Here name is even on the door!
We made it to the Radisson a little bit early and helped Cheryl set up and then Adam and I left for the Highland mall. I remembered to take a picture this time, just so you guys can see what we saw. The Forever 21 was not as good as the last time I was there, Jacqueline. There was a kinda cool shop with stuff from India and I got a wrap skirt there. They had a lot of neat stuff in there, but as with any India store, it had some new age-y stuff going on that I don't care for. And Adam stopped downstairs at one of those booths to get Frozbertis embroidered on his hat. It looks very nice.
When we had shopped till we were ready to drop (I was pretty tired that day for some reason and was ready to just hang out for awhile), we walked back to the Radisson and I waited in their lobby/living room and read The Mysterious Affair at Styles. It's an Agatha Christie book. I saw the movie when Andy and Becky lent it to us and I was impressed at how closely the movie follows the book. They are almost exactly the same which I thought was pretty cool.
Adam had a little more energy and watched Cheryl teach for awhile. I understand she did an excellent job! We had a late lunch that day so we stopped and picked up dinner on the way home which was close to 10 pm. We got back to Cheryl's house and we started packing for the next day. Yes, I do procrastinate. :) Then we had dinner and put Cars on for awhile. I went to bed around midnight, and Adam and Cheryl stayed up a little later than that to finish watching Cars which I heard was really good! I'll have to check it out sometime though because I was too tired to finish it. Becca tells me that this is because I have lyme disease...Jacqueline says so too. I say it might be, or it might also be that I knew we had to get up at 4:30 am to get to the airport for our flight that left at 6:45 am!

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