Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 3 at the new job...

I actually enjoyed myself today.  It was much smoother.  I think it helped that Dana was there and I really like the podiatrist that was working in the other end of the office.  He was a sweet old guy.  The other podiatrist was nice too, but had a filthy mouth.  :(  All in all, I feel like I'm finally starting to figure out what I need to do for most of the procedures.  We've done more crown preps and inserts in 3 days than I probably assisted with in 3 months at the old office.  
I am looking forward to the weekend tomorrow though.  Holly and Adam are having birthdays on Friday and Monday, we have a citizenship party to go to on Sunday!!! And Matt and Tasha are supposed to come down one of those days and Aunt Liz is coming down too on Saturday.  I think sometime next week a few of us may go bowling too for Adam and Holly's birthdays.  I have next week off because my doctor will be on vacation, so luckily I will be able to join in the festivities!

You know what else I'm looking forward to?  My chiropractor appointment tomorrow.  My back hurts!  Okay, I'm done whining. 

That's all for now. :)


Court said...

I am glad that the new job is working out, I have been keeping you in my prayers and also you should not feel slow or behind, it is a new experience and will take a bit of learning and if anyone gives you a hard time about it, then it is there problem! :-)

PilgrimHeiress said...

A podiatrist and a dentist in the same office? Is that for cases of hoof in mouth disease? (groan) Ha! (I couldn't resist.)

Bowling again, so soon? (Could that be why your back is hurting? You might have to develop a new method so you don't twist your back) Have I influenced you? Have fun!