Thursday, July 31, 2008

End of the work week!

Today was better. This morning I was feeling rather discouraged at work, but after lunch we got back on schedule and stayed on schedule. And the office manager was a lot easier to approach and ask questions today. Some people may have a hard time believing this, but I do try to keep the number of questions to a minimum. She was able to show me how to make up lab cases and I just feel like I was able to keep on top of things a little bit better. And best of all, it's Thursday and I have the next 3 days off! Yay! I honestly don't know what I'd do if I had to work 5 days a week like a normal person. If I had been at this office for awhile, it probably wouldn't be a big deal, but when I'm someplace new, I just can't wait for that time off! I'm totally spoiled rotten. 3 day weekends are a big part of my 'strongly considering' dental hygiene school because a lot of the offices around here are only open 4 days a week. I don't know if it's like that everywhere, but I do know you get most holidays and evenings and weekends off whereas if you become a nurse you have to work evenings, weekends, and rotate on holidays.

So I'm not so sure if I'll get a chance to work on all those projects this weekend, which is a bummer because I'd really like to get something finished before my friend goes back to school. :( Hopefully I'll figure something out! My idea shouldn't be too complicated, and if I can make it work I'll take some pics and post them up here.

I have an orthodontist appointment tomorrow and while I enjoy everyone over at that office, I'm anticipating a very sore mouth, which I don't enjoy. Braces are a trial, let me tell you.

I had a great talk with Pam tonight. I called her up because after being at this office for a week, I am really homesick for my old office. And so is Pam from what she said. She was laid off almost 3 weeks ago and is now working with the doctor we both worked with together at Dr. B's office. I really miss working with them. I know I would get frustrated after a long day or sometimes I wouldn't have the best attitude, but honestly, there was one point in my job where I just LOVED being there. I enjoyed the work, the patients, the doctors, my co-workers...and now I'm beginning to think that it was maybe a blessing that I was let go when I was. I was the first to go, but so far 2 others have been let go, one hygienist who is part-time is not allowed to increase her hours, and quite a few people there are worried that they won't have a job pretty soon. I'm glad I don't have to watch that. I hope I'm not breaking some kind of law by saying all this here. Anyway, it's weird, because I never saw any of this coming, and neither did anyone else. I hope they can pull out of this slump. Dr. B really just needs another associate to come in and that would help so much! I think once school starts I may stop in to see Pam and Dr. H at their office and see how they're doing. I'd like to see them both again!

Okay, I need to go work out and take a shower because I have to be out the door by 8:45 to make it to my appointment on time. Here's to a busy day tomorrow!

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