Saturday, July 26, 2008

A visit to Antietam Battlefield

Why are battlefields such peaceful places? The ones I've been to are kept up beautifully and are so quiet. I can't imagine the awful things that happened there when it's so peaceful like it was today.I took a whole bunch of pictures. Over a 100 actually, but I'm only posting 10 here.
This was one of many statues. A whole bunch of the statues are obylisks. I'm know I didn't spell that right so sorry about that. Anyway, I heard that the obylisk is a masonic symbol. So I'm wondering if maybe we took a low plane ride over the battlefield we might notice some kind of pattern made up by the statues and find a National Treasure??? Don't worry, I'm just kidding. :P
This was the Poffinberger farm.
It was kinda hot outside, but breezy. It was such a beautiful day!
I think Mom and Dad pulled off on the side of the road so I could take this one. They did that for me a lot actually. :)
I think that if I ever do move away from here, I will miss seeing the mountains.
Dad asked me to take this one.
This was on the way to see the Burnside Bridge. I have other pictures from that and I'll post them later!
I think this was on the way back from the bridge.
And this was the last one I took. I figured I ought to get a picture of one of the many cannons that were in the park.

I bet if we went back in the fall it would be really pretty!

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Jacqueline said...

looks like it was a great day to walk and take pictures!