Monday, July 21, 2008

July 18th, Adam's birthday.

Here is a picture of the cookie cake with cookie dough ice cream that we froze. It was REALLY hard. It was also really good. :) This picture is really bad!"So I'm 18 today...not a kid anymore." Don't worry, it just gets better from here out, Adam! Take it from a 19 year old. :)
Isn't he cute?
Matt and Tasha Landry were down from Ohio visiting Matt and Jacqueline. They came over to have cake with us. It was great seeing them again. It's nice knowing too that if we ever make it to Ohio, we already know people there! They are a neat couple. :)
Becky and Andy came down too with Jonathan. They were showing their house. We are hoping and praying that God will bring them (and us for our house too) the perfect buyers for their house. I'm sure it will be a great relief for them to not have to worry about the house down here.

(Credit goes to Holly because this is her picture, not mine. Mine was not as good as this one so she kindly agreed to let me use this one here!)
We ended up playing dutch blitz till what? 10:00? Maybe later. Our Matt is very good at this game. He whipped us on the first round. On the second round we divided into teams with a guy and a girl on each team and the girls would play each other on one round and the guys would play each other on the other round. Andy and I were on a team and we won! I don't win often. I think I generally play games because someone has to be the loser and it's usually me. It was nice to win for once.

It was a really nice weekend. I didn't get any pictures of Aunt Liz's visit, but we enjoyed seeing her and Kola (her Shiba Inu [it's a dog]). It's nice to have at least one aunt nearby after having them all so far away for most of our lives. I only wish we could visit with her more.

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